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Creative Teacher Workshops: Fundacion Paiz, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Dina Kaplan of Puppeteers Without Borders gave two workshops at the at Fundación Paiz headquarters in Guatemala City geared to teachers and young leaders and coordinators working with youth.

Attendees of the first group of 22 were primarily teachers from public schools that the Fundación supports. The ages ranged between 20 and 50 years old. This practical workshop was focused on how teachers could approach conflict stories around them in a new way by using this medium of expression through puppetry, finding perspectives and insight by using this dynamic and creative expressive modality.

A second group workshop also took place at Fundación Paiz in Guatemala City. The group of 16 young leaders and coordinators from the program entitled Acción Joven, which is dedicated to youth at risk.

Fundación Paiz greatly appreciated the support of the Israeli Embassy to develop this cultural exchange which will help diverse educational programs flourish not only in Guatemala City but in the highlands of Guatemala through understanding and exploring different issues through creativity.

After the workshops, Adrian Lorenzana, Fundación Paiz para la Educacion y la Cultura, Guatemala, shared, "The spirit and good disposition of Ms. Kaplan were very important to get the participants to open their hearts and share their very own touching experiences and at the same time enriching the educational process and results of the workshops. We encourage Ms. Kaplan to continue sharing her experience and knowledge with community leaders and educators to learn more about the wonderful creativity through puppetry as an communication tool in education."

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