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In Memoriam

To Rachel Dangour,

in loving memory

A Theater director, puppeteer, actress, script writer, mother, poet, mentor, and co-founder of Puppeteers Without Borders.

It is with great sorrow that in 2017 we, her friends and colleagues, parted from her.

Even from before 2005, when Puppeteers Without Borders was founded, Rochi had been our teacher and inspiration with her workshops in Kenya for young puppeteers and teachers and within the Ethiopian community in Israel. 

She traveled with us all over the world. To Africa, Australia, northern Europe, central America with projects and workshops on subjects like violence in the family, bullying, stigma and hygiene and she initiated the PWB Health Ambassadors program in health education.

Rochi's many talents made her a unique and outstanding presence wherever she was, her deep compassion left an indelible mark in our hearts and in all the communities she visited.

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