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Puppet Power 2013 Conference: The Fearless Face of Puppetry

Calgary, Canada, 9-10 March 2013

Puppet Power 2013 conference explored exactly how puppets are innovatively addressing the tough issues facing us in today's world. The issues to be fearlessly faced and addressed: the challenges that must be tackled by individuals, families, communities; challenges on local or global levels in the areas of environment, the economy, politics, health, security, education, the arts and more. We wanted to hear the stories – so we invited some of the NOtaBLE puppeteers who are doing some of the Fearless Facing!

Puppeteers Without Borders' Dina Kaplan and Rochi Dan were among the main speakers at the conference “The Fearless Face of Puppetry” in Calgary, Canada. The conference was highly successful with workshops well received with enthusiastic feedback. The workshop was presented to educators and social workers, the subject was sex education, the technique used was tabletop small puppets with a story board to present a free interpretation of the fairy tale “Red Riding Hood.”

About Puppeteers Without Borders presenters:

Dina Kaplan (RIG discussionist, master class) Chicago teacher, drama-therapist and an artist originally from South Africa and Israel, she brings puppetry into the elementary school curriculum, including a social skills program. Dina is a founding member of Puppeteers Without Borders, training professionals worldwide on the use of puppetry and theater as a communication tool for growth and change in the workplace.

Rachel (Rochi) Dan (RIG Discussionist, master class), from Israel, is a puppeteer, theater director and puppetry teacher. For the past thirty years she has been teaching puppetry for theater students, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists and children. Rachel is a founding member of Puppeteers Without Borders, an international NGO, promoting health education through puppetry in developing countries.

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